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In this section of the Website I have begun to write character sketches for all of the major protagonists of ANGEL, the series. I will not in general be including antagonists, at least at this stage.  The one exception is Angelus.  He is included though not so much because he was an opponent of Angel Investigations.  Rather it is the way his character and personality interacts with those of Angel that warrants our attention. These character sketches will naturally center on developments that took place in the five years of the series' existence and how they affected our heroes.  However, in the case of Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Angelus and Spike I will also be covering their time in Sunnydale since I do not think that any of them can be properly understood without taking into account their development as characters on BtVS. 

In my sketches I will be addressing more than simply an individual's traits or personality, though that will be where the main focus lies.  I will be looking in certain cases at the place or purpose each had  in the overall scheme of the series and the way that this changed over time.  There will be a certain amount of overlap between the ground covered here and the ground covered in the other reviews, especially the season and series overviews.  And indeed there should be.  After all it is through the medium of character that the writers of ANGEL explore their themes.  Modern drama which relies on stereotypes or where characterization is otherwise shallow lacks interest.  We seek individuals who can be distinguished from others, whose personality traits are consistent and coherent and are shaped to a degree by their past experiences.   We also look for qualities that cannot be perceived at a glance but are rather uncovered slowly.  But perhaps most important of all we expect the individual's actions to be consistent with their characterization and not driven purely by ephemeral plot considerations.  After all who a person is can best be seen from the choices that person makes.  In other words character must reflect the moral essence of someone's personality.  And it is primarily in this context that I have looked at the protagonists in ANGEL.  I have, however,  tried to avoid dealing directly with issues of theme and plot here because they are extensively covered elsewhere in these pages.


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